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Graphic designer

Web developer

and Illustrator

Marketing Manager

Social Media Manager

Expert in branding, graphic design and digital design. I offer innovative and beautiful designs to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. I am working  with a wide range of clients, large and small, in many sectors including PR, fashion, law, finance, property, education, health, charity and sport. I thrive on making things happen – beautifully. and keep best prices for my clients.

My name is Klaudia Almonte Janegova. I am originally from Europe, where i was studying graphic design for 4 years. Currently working like marketing director for different companies, but also freelancing as graphic designer.

Feel free to contact me.

Web Sites

Billboards citylights

Corporate identity logos

Brochures, restaurant menus

Invitations, books

Design manuals

Whole company campaigns

cityboards, posters

leathers, bussiness cards

Sign Graphics, Picture Restoration

Postcards, t-shirt designs

Banner Designs, vector graphic


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